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Great example how to have animation, song and story together. Good job! As some of you know, she is succubus and she "used him" for escaping to the real world. ( her wings get materialized )

Again great video from You (5/5). But i don't get the end. How the Evil black ooze came back? When it was defeated by Lady Murder.
Please will this video have a continue?

Rally like the scene with Daze, Spader, Cookie :D
They are really not payed by Valve? :P

PS: If Valve release Half-Life 2 Episode 3 they must make their other games into three.

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Really Like this radio.I wish if is posibble to play it on my phone :D so epic great work!!!

nice you captured the the idea and you forgot to change music :D

Really nice Idea

Really nice and clever game.Its something like Portal but without the portals.
Great 2D game.
I like to play shift 1 and shift 2 on symbian phone :D

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Hmm great Track almost as video-game ambient/Action .... Intro is great for (Idle Sequence) the ambient effect (1:53) is great but it is "little disturbing" in 2:20-3:45 part (Incoming Action) can you make extended version? Or maybe with some action part after 3:45. I think you can make it even better you are really-good at Ambient music.. my Score 5/5 10/10. Waiting for more of you .Maybe some one use you as game Music Artist..

VegetarianMeat responds:

If I ever ended up working on sound in video games I would be a happy man :)

Thanks for the review!

To the faves List... OST detected... :)

Another song from you to the faves list... great themed song.. Perfect for game OST. You got great talent keep up the good work...

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Always really amazed by the great art style. Well... who could resist the Ellezebub. Damn... just don't make her wait for you!!!

I wish if she can move... really love this art what anika has became.. Please do more art of her...

I see here future concept artist here!!

Like command76 write :D Your skill in drawing is on profesional level and your pictures are great for game development :D
Keep up the good work :D
My score for this concept
of Train in cave is:
vote 5/5 rating 10/10

Initializing data transmision......... ..............Redy to serve NG Portal.............. .................End of transmision.........

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